Michael Blum

Developer from Chicago

Building a Blog Part 2 - Git Server April 10, 2016

Why? There’s Github I’m interested in what GitLab is offering - a full featured Git server that supports many of the features found on GitHub: Pages Issue Tracking Pull Requests Private Repos (Gitlab is unlimited as opposed to the five I get on Github) and the list goes on. Webhooks One difference I saw was with the use of Web Hooks, the developer is responsible for maintaining a server to support their Webhooks.

Building a Blog Part 1 - Docker + Jekyll April 9, 2016

Welcome to the inaugural post of mblum.me. I figured a good start to this blog would be a series of posts on how this blog can to be: from development to production. Why use Docker? A valid question. Looking at the Jekyll Quick Start it should be as simple as: gem install jekyll && jekyll serve What I found to be difficult as when more gems came into play or my version of Ruby on my host machine was wrong (my Linux workstation has an old Ruby install).