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Hugo on Cloudflare Pages

·2 mins

Cloudflare Pages?? #

Cloudflare Pages are static site hosts similar to the various Git* static pages such as Gitlab Pages or Github Pages. Previously this site was deployed using the AWS CLI and a classic S3 + Cloudfront build-out. While this was intriguing it was very much overkill for a blog like this and required too much devops toil for my taste.

This post is not an endorsement nor sponsored ad for Cloudflare

Deploying Hugo to Gitlab Pages #

The Cloudflare docs on deploying to Hugo are pretty straightforward:

the one thing i’ll call out is that while the build log within Cloudflare PAges says the site built - if you’re presented with a blank page check that the HUGO_VERSION is configured in your CI/CD variables².

You can find that with:

hugo version
hugo v0.83.0-DEV linux/amd64 BuildDate=unknown

such that BOTH Production and Preview have:


Once that’s all setup yu should have all the benefits of Pages:

  • Analytics (still running Google Analytics along side for comparison)
  • SSL/TLS (let’s encrypt ftw)
  • HTTP -> HTTPS promotion
  • GitOps
  • Preview Environments

Could all of these features be done with readily available tools? Sure - HAProxy + Let’s Encrypt solves many of these but its nice for someone else to do it for a change 💅.

Its been quite an enjoyable dev UX and I’ll be using Cloudflare Pages going forward for other projects.

1 Cloudflare Pages - Deploy a Hugo site

2 Cloudflare PAges Hugo Version