Michael Blum

Developer from Chicago

Deploying Hugo to S3 July 3, 2017

Past Method When deploying a Jekyll blog, is was quite involved: Deploying Jekyll. Precious gems were used and a full development environment was required. If I’ve learned nothing else since then, it has been to simplify deployments as much as possible. The less coode the better. Cardinal Rule of Deployments: They Always Go Wrong. While CI is great when you have a multitude of projects and developers - having one for pet projects is just overkill.

Hugo Now: Porting A Theme To Hugo July 3, 2017

Create a Theme Simple as hugo new theme [name]. Documentation can be found here: Hugo Themes Hugo, due to it being only a few years old, has fewer themes compared to Jekyll Luckily, it’s expected that you will want to port a theme to Hugo. I decided to port this blog’s theme: Jekyll Now, to Hugo. Jekyll Now A very popular theme jekyll-now (3,701 , 15,076 ), I wanted to retain the spirit of Jekyll Now while updating it’s dependencies as the last commit was over a year ago.

Migrating From Jekyll To Hugo July 3, 2017

Migrating from Jekyll Why go to the trouble? While Jekyll has been good to me and shown me the light of static blogging, Jekyll’s unabashed Ruby / Ruby on Rails underpinnings lead to some interesting problems: 1. Ruby version / Ruby env problems Recently update your operating system? Via brew pr another tool? Chances are your Ruby environment will complain. Since I’m not a ruby person by trade, I haven’t devoted the time to running ruby well.